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Get the world’s smartest pet feeder today.

  • access feed and go anywhere

    Our customer portal lets you set up a profile really quickly and then you can set virtually unlimited one time or regular schedules. Got more than 1 pet? You can control unlimited Feed and Go’s from one profile with one simple press of a button.

  • feed and go on your mobile

    You can set your Feed and Go to give you real time messages by SMS and/or Email to let you know when your pet is about to be fed, or when he has just been fed, or both!

  • feed and go on wifi

    Your Feed and Go connects to your Wi-Fi network at home, and set up is really quick. Don’t worry if your Wi-Fi loses reception though – once a schedule has been set, it’s stored in the feeder so will still work just fine, even if your Wi-Fi is having a bad day.

Watch your pet from anywhere

Feed and Go has an integrated webcam you can connect to anytime, anywere, on ANY smart device.

world's smartest pet feeder - feed and go
connect to your phone - feed and go

Get the world’s smartest pet feeder today.