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Watch Our Videos

Feed and Go has produced some great videos for you to check out. Whether you want to understand the features of our smart pet feeder, learn how to set up your feeder or how to use the built in webcam, or you just want to have a laugh then visit our videos page. You can even see Huntley strutting his stuff. He was a Disney star and just loves the limelight!


Take the Tour

Here’s where you can learn all about your Feed and Go pet feeder. You can see what it does, how it works and how it’ll make you and your pet’s lives more structured and even happier. Feed and Go is designed for people that have busy lives and want to keep control of their dogs and cat’s feeding schedules. See for yourself now on the tour.


Dog Food Calculator

Feed and Go has created a really neat dog food calculator that gives you vital information on how much your dog should be eating, how often and what type of food he should be having. It’s free and is designed to keep your dog’s weight under control without compromising his nutritional requirements.

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